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Careers at Halstead: Great Jobs in Prescott, Arizona

Welcome! We are glad you are interested in a career at Halstead. Check out our amazing employee benefits below to see if working at Halstead ...

Welcome! We are glad you are interested in a career at Halstead. Check out our amazing employee benefits below to see if working at Halstead is right for you!


We are an eCommerce company located in the beautiful mountains of Prescott in Northern Arizona. Check out our job opportunities and exceptional employee benefits package below. Launch a great career through a locally-owned and operated employer. We've been in the Prescott area since 1982 and we are proud to serve clients all over the world. 

eCommerce Jobs in Prescott, AZ

We are always accepting applications for our Logistics and Customer Service Teams. Please email us at [email protected] to submit your resume. These are full-time, on-site positions in Prescott, AZ. These roles are not eligible for remote work. Looking for a part-time opportunity? Scroll down to our part-time section.

Who Are We?

We are an eCommerce jewelry supply firm that caters to both large and small studios in every facet of the jewelry industry (pun intended). Halstead believes in the power of small businesses to support hard-working families who want to live life on their own terms. Small business drives our economy and the American dream for many entrepreneurs. We know how tough it is and we respect the tenacity it takes to build a jewelry studio. We endeavor to be an advocate and indispensable supply chain partner for small jewelry businesses around the world.

Our business model is eCommerce supply sourcing but we also support our community of jewelry artists through supplemental programs. We regularly publish educational content & videos through our website resource portals. We offer a free annual Jewelry Business Forum online conference of small business skills training specifically for jewelers. And we're proud to sponsor the Halstead Grant, an annual start-up funding award for emerging jewelry entrepreneurs that was established back in 2006.

We believe that sustainability is ultimately about people. We know our team is our greatest asset. We invest heavily in continuing education for our entire staff. And we provide full benefits including health insurance, generous paid time off, a retirement plan, and a casual work environment. 

Halstead Employee Benefits

Work for a place that has the cultural vibe of a locally owned small business but the perks and benefits of a global eCommerce enterprise. Many employees on our team have been with us for 10+ years!

Benefits to working at Halstead


Competitive Wages
Full-time picking & shipping wages start at $18+/hour. 

SEP retirement contributions with no required matching begin after 3-years of employment. Amount varies based on company performance but regularly averages significantly more than most 401K retirement programs. Our target SEP contribution range is between 3%-7% of total annual compensation distributed to eligible employees' retirement accounts each fall. 

Profit Sharing
Profit-sharing is a bonusing program that distributes a percentage of the company's Net Profit to employees for incentive quarters when the company is profitable. Amounts will vary. These profit-sharing bonuses are distributed with paychecks up to four times per year. Any profit-sharing is in addition to base wages. Eligibility begins 60 days after your first day.

PTO & Paid Holidays
Halstead offers significantly more Paid time off and Paid Holidays (including a 5-7 day winter break) than most US Employers. New full-time hires accrue 14 days PTO per year plus the winter break and holidays. PTO accrual schedules increase at key employment anniversary years at Halstead.

Halstead PTO Comparison Chart

Consistent Schedules
No more working long hours into the night or giving up your weekends. Halstead has a regular Monday-Friday workweek of standard business hours with no overtime. You also won't have to stress about getting enough shifts. Full-time hires have consistent 40-hour work-week schedules every week.

Tuition Assistance Program

Available for concurrent student employees pursuing approved degrees or certifications with Yavapai College.

Job insurance options at Halstead


Health Insurance
Halstead offers four robust plan options from Blue Cross Blue Shield AZ. The employee contribution ranges from $10-$50 per month depending on the plan you choose. Halstead covers the rest of the premiums for each enrolled employee.

Vision & Dental
Vision & Dental plans are optional at additional monthly premiums.

Halstead Health Insurance Chart

Life Insurance
All full-time employees receive a Term Life Insurance coverage plan through Principal with $0 employee contribution. This is completely covered by Halstead and valid during your employment.

Supplemental Aflac Insurance
Optional supplemental plans can help cover lost income if you are forced to miss work or step in to help cover out-of-pocket costs on your health insurance coverage under certain conditions.

Casual Work environment at Halstead


Rewarding Work Environment
Halstead is a leader in our industry. We've been in business for nearly 50 years so we have time-tested protocols in place. But we never stop pushing forward with new projects, the latest technologies, and strong strategic plans. We may wear jeans and t-shirts to work most days but we still have the best talent in Prescott! Every work team in the business performs at high standards to provide the best possible experience to our clients with every single Halstead transaction. We constantly push forward to tackle new challenges to grow the business and develop our team. Work with the very best and feel good about the work you do to support small business dreams all over the world when you join the Halstead family.

Monthly Celebration Lunches
Relax and interact with your coworkers while you enjoy free monthly lunches to celebrate birthdays. It's an important part of our office culture to all eat together in the community break room for this special day.

Office Fun
We love having a little fun during holidays and enjoying good company with annual events like our summer picnic, fall food truck night, and winter holiday party.

Dog Friendly
Make some new furry friends or get some dog therapy with several office canines any time you need a little puppy love.​ 

Employees learning metalsmithing at Halstead


Metalsmithing Classes
Metalsmithing basics education from our Studio Coordinator through our free classes during work hours. About six workshops are offered each year so every Halstead employee understands our products and customers. You get to keep any jewelry you make!

Computer & Technology Skills
We use desktop computers and/or mobile computerized workstations in every position at Halstead. As an eCommerce company, technology is woven into everything we do! Build your skills on the job, in online skills training, and in team learning sessions.

Communication & Professional Development Skills
Soft skills and professionalism are just as important as concrete work skills. We help our team build these career foundations through our in-house modules and supplemental online training. 

Mentoring & Career Development
We set aside time for one-on-one meetings with your manager at regular intervals for job coaching and career mentorship. These checkpoints are critical to maintaining open communication and helping our people to grow.

Halstead welcomes diverse applicants. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, veteran status, or other protected status.

Smoking is not allowed on the property.

Jobs at Halstead

If Halstead sounds like the right place for you, email your resumé to [email protected] or complete an online job application. We'd love to hear from you. Below are summaries of the most frequent openings in our Logistics and Customer Service Departments. More detailed job descriptions are available via email.

Logistics job openings at Halstead in Prescott Arizona


Our warehouse is responsible for picking, packing, and shipping out thousands of items daily. We carry over 4,000 different tiny products for jewelry makers! You won't see forklifts here, our product line is all small parts. But we move a LOT of them. We are masters of inventory control and product turns. Our logistics team keeps it all humming using the latest technologies along with established inventory management know-how.

There are several positions working together on this team. A brief summary is included here. More detailed job descriptions for open positions are available by request. Email us your resume today to find the right fit! [email protected]

Logistics Team Positions
FT Logistics Associate - Order Picker or Shipper
FT Inventory Specialist
PT Packaging Associate

Essential Duties Examples
Fulfill orders from a digital picklist on a mobile surface tablet 
Process inventory quality measures and accurate pre-counts
Maintain inventory records, updates, and location tracking
Research and problem-solve order or inventory issues
Maintain clean and organized work areas


  • Strong computer skills with desktop and mobile technologies using programs such as Excel, Word, and messaging/ email programs
  • Ability to work on feet all day and lift 20 pounds
  • Excellent attitude, positive teamwork, punctual and reliable attendance
  • Manual dexterity to handle small parts the size of a dime and smaller throughout each day
  • Basic math skills to convert units of measure, pick the right number of packages and perform inventory counts. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and moving a decimal point are all necessary each day. A skills assessment to determine work readiness will be administered to confirm employment.
  • FT Inventory Specialist positions have additional requirements including stock or inventory management experience as well as more advanced Excel analysis skills

Customer Service job openings at Halstead in Prescott Arizona


Customer Service Team Positions
FT or PT Customer Service Specialist

Essential Duties
The perfect role for a friendly, tech-savvy "people person" to provide stellar service and support! Service involves in-depth knowledge of our pricing, policies, and procedures. No jewelry-making knowledge is required because we will teach you through our in-house onboarding training. It is important to be able to patiently solve problems and research information online and in-house. A typical day includes processing orders from our eCommerce shopping cart, interacting with clients on the phone or via text message, and handling other transactions such as returns or backorders. Training for this position will involve gaining familiarity with our terms, our online shopping cart system, order fulfillment in the warehouse, our software systems, basic jewelry-making concepts, and our product line. 


  • Excellent computer skills including office software, social media, email management, and internet research
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to juggle several tasks simultaneously while staying organized
  • Patience and a service focus with widely varying customer personalities
  • Ability to make quick decisions based on our terms and good service to the client
  • Must convey a friendly, helpful, and outgoing demeanor
  • Strong teamwork skills and ability to work closely with various colleagues
  • Customer service experience is a plus

Interested? Contact us today by emailing [email protected].  Or apply online with our job application.

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Part-time Opportunities

Part-Time Jobs in Prescott, AZ

Part-Time Packaging Associate

We are always accepting applications for our PT Packaging Associate position.

Flexible work 10-25 hours per week Monday – Friday during regular office hours in our air-conditioned facility. Scheduled shifts can be 2-6 hours at a time. This is ideal light-duty work for students, stay-at-home parents, or retirees looking for part-time opportunities. It is an entry-level position to count, package and label stock for the warehouse. It’s a great first job for teens or young adults seeking work experience. Learning on-the-job skills in an eCommerce warehouse is way better than dealing with grumpy customers in retail or restaurants! Plus, no night or weekend shifts are required. We often hire seasonal part-time help during the summer and holiday season for those looking to earn extra money. But we are usually hiring for this position year-round too.

Part-Time Compensation & Benefits

Pay: $15 per hour for part-time Packaging Associates

  • Accrued sick time based on hours worked
  • Tuition assistance program for concurrent student employees pursuing approved degrees or certifications with Yavapai College
  • Profit-sharing bonuses for incentive quarters when the business is profitable. Amounts will vary.
  • Note that health and retirement benefits are not available for this part-time position

Interested? Contact us today by emailing [email protected]. Or apply online with our job application. Please put “part-time applicant” in the subject line.

Essential Duties/ Responsibilities

  • Accurate pre-counting of inventory
  • Neat, organized packaging and labeling of inventory
  • Quality control procedures for inventory
  • Maintain a clean and orderly warehouse, as well as individual and shared workspaces


  • Minimum age 15 years old with reliable transportation to/from work for all shifts
  • Strong familiarity with computers to navigate and use inventory software
  • Manual dexterity to count and package small jewelry parts with and without small hand tools
  • Basic math skills to convert units of measure and perform inventory counts. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and moving a decimal point are all necessary each day. A math test to assess work readiness will be administered to confirm employment.
  • Ability to work well with a diverse team of colleagues each day
  • Attention to detail and focus on the assigned task
  • Excellent attitude and teamwork
  • Punctuality and reliable attendance
  • Ability to read printed and digital paperwork
  • Reach stock on shelves up to 6 feet high
  • Stoop to retrieve items at ground level
  • Ability to lift and move inventory bins and parcels weighing up to 20 pounds
  • This list is not all-inclusive. Other tasks as assigned.

Apply Now!

Contact us today by emailing [email protected].  Or apply online with our job application.

Written By: Janelle Hinesley
Janelle Hinesley is the senior graphic design ninja and photographer at Halstead. She has over a decade of experience in both fields and loves to share her knowledge with jewelers to help them grow their businesses. Her pup Koda loves being the unofficial ‘squeaker tester’ of the Halstead Jewelry Studio.

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