Can I come visit your office?

We are a warehouse distributor, so we do not operate a standard store. We no longer have a showroom available for visitors. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Can I pick up my products in person?

As a service to our local customers we will allow orders to be picked up curbside at a prescheduled time. Please understand that we are a wholesale warehouse not a retail store and as such we must impose limitations on pick up visits. Orders for pick-up will be boxed and sealed prior to your arrival. We cannot change contents or add items while you wait. Visitors may not enter the building. Visitors may not request employees to retrieve merchandise from the warehouse for review. Orders for pick-up must meet all normal sales terms and conditions. We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for your business

Can I sell back scraps of silver?

We love our recycled silver too! Unfortunately, we do not buy back scraps of silver.

Do you attend any trade shows?

We do not exhibit in trade shows. Shop online to see our selection.

If I am reselling your product can I use your images?

We allow limited use of our images to customers who are stocking resellers of our goods. Thumbnails can be copied off the website for that purpose only. Bloggers and teachers are also welcome to use images for illustrative purposes. However, in those cases proper credit to Halstead Bead, Inc. along with a hyperlink is required.

Can you guarantee items will be in stock when my order is filled?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee items will be in stock when your order is filled. Our inventory is very fluid due to the trend-based nature of our trade and we can only give you a snapshot of what we have available at the time you place your order.

Do you offer any larger volume discounts?

Discounts on individual items are given as you order larger quantities. Our best discount for each pricing customer class (wholesale or retail) is offered on orders over $2,000 and will be automatically applied to online orders after they are submitted. Please contact customer service for further details on this program.

Do you require a resale license from customers?

We serve both retail and wholesale buyers. Retail buyers will pay sales tax for shipments to most US states. For wholesale buyers, business documentation is required for wholesale pricing and sales tax exemption. Documentation requirements vary by state. Login to your online Halstead account and navigate to the Tax Exemptions section to begin your wholesale application.

How can I get on Net 30 terms?

We do not offer Net 30 terms. We do not want to inflate our prices to cover the risks associated with Net 30. Moreover, we have found that most small businesses today create their own Net 30 terms by holding several credit cards for purchasing. By using the 30 day no interest grace periods on these cards, you are achieving the same end result as negotiating terms with individual vendors. Paypal now offers Buy Now, Pay Later account options for small businesses too. This is a line of credit that is much more accessible than bank or vendor terms. 

How long does it take you to restock items?

Lead times vary from item to item and may be as little as a few days or as much as several months. We welcome your inquiries on when stock will become available again. Our Customer Service team is happy to provide Estimated Times of Arrival (ETAs) by request for specific items. Feel free to call, email or use live chat.

Do you charge sales tax?

We collect sales tax on shipments to most, but not all, states. State sales tax laws and threshold definitions frequently change so we may add or remove states from our sales tax collection list at any time. Retail customers in states where we collect tax will see a sales tax estimate at the bottom of order confirmations on our website and via email.

What pricing method do you use online?

Precious metal item pricing changes every day. We use daily market-based pricing for all precious metal merchandise. We update prices at approximately 4pm MST time each business day with the precious metal fixes posted earlier in the day on the Kitco NY a.m. website. We maintain separate price lists for retail and wholesale clients.

The website and your order confirmation will show your price quotation. Please note that price quotes are not final until you submit a finished order.

Why don’t you automatically backorder the items shorted on orders?

Our policy is to only backorder items when a customer specifically requests it at the time they place their order. Backorder items must total $30 per stock number. This policy is explained in our terms, which can be found in our printed catalogs or on the website. We have this policy because some customers want backorders, and some do not.

Do you accept American Express?

At this time we do not accept American Express.

When do you charge my credit card?

We collect credit card information at the time of your order when the data goes directly to our secure processer via a secure encrypted system. We do not take possession of your credit card data directly, nor can we see your complete card number on any records. Your card is not pre-authorized or charged until the time your order ships. That means you will not be charged for shortages or out of stock items. You will be charged for only items that ship plus your quoted freight fee.

Do you drop ship merchandise?

No, we will only ship directly to clients who place their own orders.

Do you ship to international destinations?

Yes. Please view our International Order Terms.

What is your least expensive shipping method?

It depends! For small parcels under 2lbs, USPS Priority is usually the cheapest inside the USA. Shipments are covered against loss or damage. Flat rate shipping rates advertised by the postal service do not include any insurance. Please feel free to inquire with our Customer Service team to get rate quotes to specific addresses.

What are the nation of origin codes you see on the Product Detail pages?

When you click on a stock number online the website directs you to the item detail screen. One of the information fields shown is for the primary manufacturing Nation of Origin. The country codes are listed below:

AT – Austria
CN – China
CZ – Czech Republic
DE – Germany
DO – Dominican Republic
ID – Indonesia
IL – Israel
IN – India
IT – Italy
JP – Japan
MX – Mexico
PK – Pakistan
TH - Thailand
TR – Turkey

Can footage chain be returned?

Yes, lengths over 7 inches can be returned. Smaller segments are not eligible for returns. Please refer to our Order Terms & Return Policy

How do I return an item?

Please refer to our Order Terms & Return Policy

Why are returns only accepted if they are in a padded envelope or box?

Since most returns come to us via the United States Postal Service, they are handled and automatically processed through machines along the way. Mail sorting equipment crushes products in plain envelopes. Even though our customers often request that their envelopes be hand-stamped, damage can occur. In order to keep our prices low, we cannot afford wasted product and we cannot accept returns that have been damaged in return mailing. If you have received a damaged item, we are more than happy to replace or reimburse you for the item; however, we would not be able to verify that the damage occurred before going through the mail, if it is not protected for the return shipment. Returns that are sent in non-protective packaging will be returned, unopened and will not be eligible for refund or replacement. Please refer to our Order Terms & Return Policy

Are your earring findings sold as pairs or pieces?

All earring findings are sold as pieces. So for example, a "10" pack of leverbacks contains 10 pieces, not pairs. Please ask our customer service representatives if you are unsure if an item comes as a pair.

Are your weights for silver measured in ounces (troy) or ounces (avdp)?

All of our metals are measured in troy ounces.

Can I get samples of items?

No. We do not break minimum packages for sampling. Orders must comply with all other terms & conditions.

What does 925 mean?

Sterling silver is 92.5% (.925) pure silver metal. This standard is used to assure consistent quality among sterling products. Silver that is not described as "sterling" or ".925" usually has less pure silver content and will often be darker in color and less shiny. Sterling is 92.5% pure instead of 100% pure in order to achieve the requisite hardness and stability to resist wear and tear, and hold its shape. When running an assay on silver items you should remove ferrous springs inside lobster claws or spring rings, ferrous hinge pins and magnets inside magnet clasps before running tests. X-ray testing has a wider margin of error and is not recommended for determining alloy ratios. See our article:

Types of Silver - Learn the Grades of Silver Alloys

Do sterling silver products (non-Argentium) contain nickel?

Both gold and sterling silver can have trace amounts of nickel in them. The legal industry definition for lead free is a product containing less than .05% lead. To the best of our knowledge any items containing more than that in lead content are noted.

How durable is the gold plating on the 22kt Gold-Plated Sterling items?

The gold plating on our 22kt Gold-Plated Sterling items is a standard electroplate finish. This plating can wear through over time depending on usage and maintenance. This is true of any plated product.  If you are looking for a lifetime product, your best option is gold-filled. Gold-filled products are not plated. Instead, thick layers of gold are bonded to a brass base using heat and pressure. The gold content is much higher than that of plated goods and the bonding process ensures that coloration is less likely to change or wear off over time.

How much do you charge to cut a piece of wire more than once?

The first cut is free, the 2nd cut is $.50 and every additional cut after that is $.75 per cut.

What does the abbreviation OD mean?

OD stands for Outer Diameter. This notation is usually used on jump rings.

What is Gold-Filled?

See our Gold-filled Info page for articles and information on this material. Gold-filled is a United States layered gold product that is gaining popularity throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe. It is a quality material that is common in all types of jewelry. The product is easy to care for and will usually maintain its golden shine for a lifetime.

Gold-filled is constructed in two or three layers. The core metal is jewelers’ brass. A gold alloy is then bonded to one or both surfaces of the brass core with heat and pressure. The bonded raw material is then sold as sheet or wire to jewelry manufacturers for use in designs.

Gold-filled is legally required to contain 5% or 1/20 gold by weight. This 5% is then described by the karatage of the gold alloy. Most gold-filled is 12kt or 14kt gold-filled. It is most accurately labeled with the karatage, the "/" symbol, and then 20 to reflect this construction. Products are identified as 14/20 Gold-filled or 12/20 Gold-Filled; alternatively, 14kt Gold-Filled or 12kt Gold-Filled are also acceptable.

Care and Cleaning
Gold-filled does not de-laminate or peel like plated products. Nor does it tarnish as readily as silver. Many owners find that they never have to clean gold-filled items at all. However, from time to time your jewelry may become dirty from everyday wear. To clean gold-filled it is best to use mild soap and water. Hot weather and water will not damage the material.

Gold-filled cannot be melted because it is a layered product. Similarly, exposure to chemicals or acids will damage the gold layers and erode the product’s integrity. Gold-filled is not recommended in extremely humid environments where there are also high levels of pollutants in the air. This is not a problem in any US states we know of, but we have had reported problems in South-Central Mexico and parts of Asia.

Comparison with Other Gold Products
Solid Gold – Solid gold is an alloy that is described with the karatage of pure gold. Pure gold is 24kt. However, it is much too soft to hold its shape or wear well. Therefore, it is mixed or alloyed with other metals to make it harder and easier to work with. Karatage refers to the alloy’s purity. For example, 8 karat gold is 8/24 pure gold or 33.3% pure. Gold-filled is not the same as solid gold. It is a layered alternative product. The gold-filled karatage only refers to the gold layers that compose 5% of the product on the surface.

Gold Plate – Gold plating is a miniscule layer of solid gold applied to a brass base. The plating does not compose any measurable proportion of the products total weight. It is estimated to be 0.05% or less of the metal product. Gold plating will wear off rather quickly and expose the brass base product. It does not stand up to heat, water or wear over time.

Do all gold-filled items have 14/20 or 12/20 stampings?

Not all gold-filled items are stamped. Some are impossible to stamp, depending on the size of the item. This is normal for findings. Small parts are exempted from stamping requirements due to space restrictions.

What is rhodium?

Rhodium is a naturally occurring metal element. It is frequently used in the jewelry trade as a surface plating to make silver items more resistant to tarnishing. Rhodium is slightly darker than silver and gives items a more "steely" look.

What is the difference between finished and unfinished chain?

Finished chain is made into necklaces or bracelets with the appropriate jumprings and spring ring/lobster claw closures. Unfinished chain is sold as footage and can be used by the client to make finished chain or as component links for jewelry designs.

Why do you discontinue items?

We discontinue stock items for any one of several reasons. The most common reason is that an item does not sell well enough to justify the stocking expenses for our company. This usually occurs because an item goes out of fashion, or is replaced by a better substitute. Less frequently, we will have a quality control problem with an item or a vendor will not be able to reliably supply the item. Our customer service staff can sometimes refer you to a close substitute for discontinued items, but we will not release information on our sources for our own protection.

Can I order less than a pack?

We ask that you order in multiples of the smallest pack size shown. If an item is shown in eaches you can order any quantity in whole pieces. For items sold in packs of 10 pieces please order 1 for 10 pieces, 2 for 20 pieces, etc. All pack quantities are in pieces (not pairs in the case of earwires, etc) unless otherwise noted.

What is the Prop 65 Warning in your catalog and on my invoices?

California state law requires disclosures on any products sold in the state that contain any amount of lead. Various other states are also enacting more disclosure legislation on lead content. Some stocked items contain very small amounts of lead below safe harbor levels but we must disclose ANY lead content to comply with Prop 65 in California. If you are reselling components or jewelry to customers in California you must also comply with Prop 65. View the Halstead Prop 65 Warning.


• See this link for details on CA Prop 65

• We do not recommend using our findings and components for children’s products. Products are intended for adult use.

Why don’t you provide lead testing results for each of your items?

We do not recommend the use of any of our components for children's jewelry. First and foremost, small beads and findings are a choking hazard for young children. Some base metal products may also contain trace amounts of lead. While these lead levels are within limits for adult use they may not always meet standards for children’s jewelry in some states. Moreover, historically very few of our clients have manufactured children’s products and most have discontinued their lines since recent legislation. The cost of testing all of our components on a regular basis is exorbitant given that children’s products are not our focus.

Why does my browser say it cannot make a secured connection to your website?

Security is a central concern to us. We want to ensure that your sensitive information is kept safe. That requires constant updating of our server with the latest security standards. With that, antiquated technologies, like out-of-date browsers, will no longer have access to our systems. If you experience this problem, you may need to update your browser (or even your operating system) to the latest version.

Here are a few examples of systems that may no longer connect (as of 4/20/15):
- Mac OS X (10.8) or less with Safari 6.0 or less
- Windows XP with Internet Explorer 8 or less

How can I tell the size of the stock items?

Our printed catalog shows items at actual size in full color. Online imaging is very difficult to scale, so we added sufficient detail describing items' dimensions in millimeters. We recommend using a millimeter ruler as a reference while you browse products online.

How often do you publish catalogs?

We no longer publish catalogs. Our last version of a print catalog was our Jewelry Workbook Volume 2 from 2021-2022.

Halstead Grant Questions- 

Most of your grant questions can be answered here: Halstead Grant Competition FAQs

Any tips to set myself apart in the grant application process?

We are looking for innovation in design. We also want to see a clearly defined sense of style. Many similar pieces are present in the marketplace and we would like to see something different; yet, the collection of five pieces should be cohesive enough to represent a single brand concept. We are also looking for thorough business planning. Show us that you have thought about marketing, finances and logistics. We want to see well-rounded individuals that bring both creativity and a business mind to the table.

Do components have to be from Halstead Bead to be eligible for the grant?

No. We welcome the full range of diverse materials available on the market.

Do I have to be a Halstead Bead customer to apply for the grant?

No; however, we do hope you will consider us for your future sourcing needs.

How can I find out about your annual business grant competition?

Visit The Halstead Grant website. Each year we award a business grant to a new jewelry designer starting a national company.

I buy many of my components, is my work still considered original under the requirements for the grant?

A piece may consist entirely of purchased components if the crafting techniques and design significantly alter their appearance into a unique piece of wearable art. We also encourage the use of original castings, wire-work etc. Please note any original components you have made in your materials lists. Purchased components such as large carved pendants or handcrafted focal pieces should be avoided if you are not the artist.

I primarily sell my jewelry at craft shows, am I eligible to apply for the grant?

Maybe. This grant is designed for individuals pursuing a full-time career in jewelry. If you are making jewelry for extra income on the side, you are not eligible. You will also need to demonstrate that you are developing a branded line of products via a well thought out marketing plan. These products can be sold under the banner of a store name or as distributed labeled goods that are sold in other stores.