This is a Free Online Tool to Compress JPEG Images to lowers file sizes.

60% Compression

How to convert PNG to JPG

  1. Upload any PNG format image you want to convert into JPG.
  2. Click on Upload Image and the Uploading will start.
  3. The PNG format image will automatically convert to JPG format and a JPG format image download link will be provided.
  4. Click on "Download Image in JPG" to download your converted image for free.

How to compress image size online

  1. Upload any PNG, JPG, and JEPG format image which you want to compress
  2. Click on upload image. It may take a few seconds.
  3. Now with the help of a scroller you can choose the image size in the percentage you need.
  4. The PNG, JPG, and JEPG format images will automatically be compressed by the website and a new image download link will be provided
  5. Click on “download image” to download your compressed image for free.

what is PNG(Portable Network Graphics)

  1. This format was made as another way to the GIF format. This also allowed the compression of files without any loss of detailing in the file. Yet, unlike GIF, PNG was free and had no licensing restrictions. In addition, PNG offers you to use many more colours in the image. This also helps to create images with a transparent background, which is very important for logos and other elements of web graphics.
  2. The single thing which PNG is not inheriting from its ancestors is to create the animations. The animation files contain several images to work on.
  3. Since its start, the format of this involves a lot and hence occupied a very important niche in the era of graphics. Yet, at the same time, PNG files sometimes may be very heavy, which is why it is preferable to change them to JPG format for significant optimal use.

what is JPG(Joint Photographic Experts Group)

  1. JPG stands for JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), shortened to three letters as is more common with file extensions. The Joint Photographic Experts Group is an association of companies and research institutes that created this standard.
  2. JPG has advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of the JPG format is that it allows you to compress the image, which significantly reduces the file size. Compression works differently depending on the subject being displayed and can sometimes result in a loss of image quality. However, the JPG format currently also allows the use of lossless compression (lossless JPG).
  3. The JPG format is widely used, is currently one of the most common image formats used on the Internet, and is a generally accepted global standard.